A Little About Us

About Birdies

Birdies Pressure Cleaning services a large area of Southwest Florida, covering from North Fort Myers down to Marco Island. Birdies is Licensed and Insured and uses only professional products and equipment, which features a powerful trailer mounted Pressure Washing rig that is capable of reaching water pressure up to 3,500 PSI. Birdies also features a Soft Wash cleaning system for roofs and more delicate places such as pool cages and other screened areas. Birdies Pressure Cleaning specializes in all types of Residential and Commercial structures and can remove grime, mildew and oily substances from most exterior structures. We also clean the following surfaces and structures, but are absolutely not limited to: 

Homes, Driveways, Sidewalks, Docks, Mobile Homes, Pool Decks, Pool Cages, Patios, Docks, Sea Walls, Brick, Pavers, Vinyl, Fences, Gutters, Soffits, Wood, Fascia, Buildings, Restaurants, and much more!

Where Did The Name Birdies Come From?

We often get the question, "Where did “Birdies“ come from?“ I used to work at Publix with a few friends from high school. One day we were hurrying to finish our job because we had a bunch of friends waiting in the parking lot, our manager asked us to finish one last task, stack off a pallet of Bird Seed. We formed a line and started tossing and stacking. Once we were almost finished, I threw a bag, my buddy missed and Bird Seed went everywhere. My new nick name became BIRDIE...Then, a few years ago my Brother-in-Law was diagnosed with cancer. He fought very hard but unfortunately lost his fight in 2015 and went home to be with Jesus. On his way out he said to the family, when you see a "Blue Bird" think of me. When we were thinking of a name for the business we wanted to come up with something to honor Freddie. My daughter asked, didn't everyone used to call you Birdie? So we decided to name the business "Birdies" and the Blue Bird is in honor of Freddie. My daughter created the Bird and all of the graphics for the company.